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Transform your living space with a house extension and loft conversion in Epping.

Richway offers excellent personalised house extension and loft conversion services in Epping.

House Extension And Loft Conversion: Epping

Loft conversions and house extensions are one of the most demanding and common methods for homeowners in Epping to create more living space. While purchasing a new home can be more appealing at the beginning, not everyone in Epping can afford a sudden investment. House extension and loft conversion then seem to be the perfect alternative and practical solution, by adding more space to your property, it helps increase the value of the house and gives it a unique structure. The basic concern remains, which is the one that your home needs the most and can stand out from the rest.

Welcome to Richway, your guide to help you maximise the space of your property without letting you worry about the process. With 30 years of experience in the house extension and loft conversion industry, our reputable team will give you bespoke building solutions. Be it Victorian housing styles or detached living spaces, we provide a wide array of options for your house extension and loft extension project in Epping.

House Extension And Loft Conversion: What To Consider?

In this modern era, living is not only about having two bedrooms, one kitchen and a living room; there are more factors that house owners now consider, such as an entertainment area, a storage room or a space with multifunctional solutions.

Our expert team of house extensions and loft conversions in Epping provides you with a planned idea that can complement your taste and preferences and match the local building regulations, making you less worried.

When thinking of getting a loft conversion or house extension, the following factors must be considered, which include:
Roof structure and height: When planning for a house extension and loft conversion, the roof structure and height play the most significant part. We ensure that 2 metres are maintained and provide strong structural support according to the building regulations.

Available space: We will help you evaluate the space before the plan for house extension and loft conversion is planned.

Planning and building permission: The Richway loft conversion and house extension team ensures that the layout aligns with the local building and construction regulations to avoid any potential mess.

Fire safety: We make sure to put smoke detectors, fire-resistant walls and fire doors that open into the stairways or hallways to prevent any fire mishaps.

Insulation and ventilation: To increase the comfort level, we understand that increasing the ventilation and insulation are vital, hence the need for house extensions and loft conversions.

Types of Loft Conversions

At Richway, we offer different types of loft conversions that you can have for your property in Epping to enhance its beauty and space, including:
Hip-to-gable loft conversion: Typically, if your house has free-sloping roofs, opting for hip-to-gable enhances the beauty of the house with increased space. The outward and upward structure of the conversion can help create an extra room, be it a bedroom or gym.

L-shaped loft conversion: L-shaped loft conversion in Epping provides the ultimate cost-effective solution for homeowners offering extra head and floor space. The engineers at Richway allow you to design freely according to your needs and requirements.

Rear Dormer loft conversion: One of the most popular loft conversion types chosen by homeowners across the UK, as it involves roof extension in an upward direction, giving more head space and enhancing the visual appeal of the property.

What Are The Benefits Of Loft Conversions?

If you are planning to go for loft conversions for your home, loft conversions offer a range of benefits that can change the entire look of your property with more functionality, including:

• One primary benefit of a loft conversion is the increased value of the property. Not only does it add to the visuals, but it also gives you extra space for storage and extra room.

• Loft conversion allows you to use the unutilized spaces within the property in a more efficient and strategic way.

• For homeowners in Epping, loft conversions give the opportunity to personalise the design according to their needs and preferences.

However, it is essential to talk openly with our loft conversion experts about the needs and design so that we can convert your vision into reality.

Types Of House Extensions

Richway, as a leading house extension service provider in Epping, is proud to present a collection of structural designs and has the ability to turn a closed space into an open living area.

Kitchen rear extension: If your kitchen space is congested, then getting a rear extension is perfect. Our experts will help you find the best suitable design that can add up to more space with more kitchen functionality.

L-shaped extension: Richway L-shaped extensions offer a unique and practical space solution, allowing you to combine two living spaces into one. Our experts work meticulously so that the extension blends perfectly with the existing architecture and increases the visuals.

Side extension: If your existing property has extra lateral space, a side extension is the best choice for you. Richway’s side extension team will carefully design it so that it does not disrupt the local building regulations.

We do not compromise on quality to give you the comfort of living. If you have any doubts, connect with our team for consultation.

Why Build a House Extension for Your Home in Epping?

There are numerous reasons to build a house extension in Epping, including:

• Instead of buying or investing in a new property, a house extension in Epping offers you additional space.
• Modern house extension designs are often incorporated with energy-efficient techniques that contribute to lower utility bills.
• Depending on the design, a home extension can effectively increase the indoor and outdoor space, allowing you to live comfortably.

What Makes Richway Special For House Extensions And Loft Conversions In Epping?

• Dedicate team
• Customised design and layout options
• Free consultation
• Project delivery on time
• Round-the-clock availability
• 10 years of guaranteed
• Adaptation of eco-friendly practices

Don’t Take Our Word For it

See what our customers are saying
  • The Chowdhury’s, Chingford

    “Working with Richway, and in particular Tom was a pleasure. I was told that refurbishing ones house is even more stressful than the buying process, people were not wrong!  However, all of the problems and stress were alleviated  by Tom and his wonderful team. Honest, transparent and delivered work to an extremely high standard.  We are overjoyed with our extension and loft conversion and would like to thank Tom and his team for the sterling job they did  Highly recommended.” 

  • Tom & Katy Evans, Chingford

    "Anyone committing to major building works on their property should be aware that it will never run as smoothly as you hope it will, that is inevitable. What is in your control is who you choose to do it with, and I can't tell you how happy I am that we found Richway. Tom is a 'yes man', he never seemed phased by problems out of our control and I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say he went above and beyond for us. We will be forever grateful."

  • Mr & Mrs Griffiths, Epping

    “We are so pleased with our extension. Tom and the team went above and beyond to understand my vision and make it a reality. Everyone in the team showed a great attention to detail to get things perfect - nothing was too much trouble. We couldn’t be happier.”


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