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When looking to create more living space in existing homes, people in the UK often go for loft conversions and house extensions. While buying a new property seems more tempting, not everyone can afford one in Chingford. Converting a loft into a more usable space or adding fresh rooms to an existing structure is a feasible solution. Both add value to a property in their own ways. The question is how to decide which will be more fitting when contemplating the expansion of living spaces.

This is where Richway plays a crucial role. Maximise your living space, add value to your property, and refresh your home. Take the journey with Richway, a 30-year-old dynamic property development company servicing the Chingford area. We are a team of approved craftsmen who transform property dreams into habitable realities.

We take charge of everything, right from drawing architectural designs, seeking planning permissions, conducting structural calculations and construction to completion. Under our guidance, expect your built projects to run smoothly and efficiently. We also provide advisory services to help you decide between a loft conversion and a house extension whenever you connect with our property professionals.

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Types of Loft Conversions Where Richway Enjoys Specialisation

Every home is unique. In the UK you can find houses with high ceilings like Victorian terraced houses and Georgian townhouses you also have homes with simple rooflines, like bungalows and terraced houses. Then, there are modern residential properties with flat roofs. A loft conversion shines in every style. Given the varying structure of each, it’s naturally unrealistic to consider one type of loft conversion in Chingford to suit all.

At Richway, when the matter concerns loft conversion in Chingford. Our architects provide plenty of options and recommendations. Mentioned below are the types we specialise in:
Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion: If your property features a free-sloping side roof, you can build a hip-to-gable loft. The conversion extends the sloping hip outwards and upwards to build a gable side wall to accommodate an extra bedroom with a bathroom. You can even imagine a home office and a gym in one.
L-shaped Loft Conversion: When the intention is to expand the space to accommodate multiple rooms, an L-shaped loft conversion proves more suitable. It offers extra headroom—not just one, but many.
Rear Dormer Loft Conversion: It’s a popular loft conversion in the UK, built into a property’s back wall. To comply with the local council's regulations, it is stepped up which may appear flat, but it has a slight slope for rainwater to run off. The light open space converts to fits in a bedroom, bathroom, and even an airy office!
Velux Loft Conversion: It is, by far, the easiest way to convert a loft to create lighted-up extra space. If you are seeking a non-disruptive, cost-effective, and non-intrusive loft conversion the incorporation of Velux windows from the leading manufacturer does justice to the project.
Mansard Loft Conversion: Mansard comes from the French architect Francois Mansard. Usually located at the rear end of a house, it has a flat roof with a slight fall for water to drain into the gutter. This usable space created can be used as a lounge area, home office, playroom, bedroom, and bathroom.
At Richway, we enjoy expertise in all types of loft conversions. We go the extra mile to take care of nuances, like the construction of mansard lofts at the front of the property, sourcing official Velux windows from the manufacturer itself, and obtaining planning permissions from the local council in Chingford to leave you free of worries. Get us involved and watch your loft be converted into a usable space to make room for your dreams.

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What to Consider When Getting a Loft Conversion Done in Chingford?

Chingford in the UK is characterised by a neighbourhood comprising Victorian terraced houses, Edwardian terraced abodes, and detached and semi-detached residences. In some parts, you can even find modern and contemporary houses despite their village-like atmosphere. They are all suitable for loft conversion, given their high ceilings, proper staircase location, simple rooflines and sufficient floor area.
Roof height: When building a usable space out of your loft, ensure a minimum of 2.2 metres is maintained at the highest point.
Roof structure: Check for the feasibility of loft conversion by looking at your roof. If it’s a traditional pitched roof, go for it without thinking twice. We provide more structural support for trussed roofs before converting the loft to a living space.
Available floor space: Larger the area, the more flexibility you will enjoy in terms of design and layout options. Having a desired conversion layout accommodated requires sufficient space.
Access: Think about access. While installing a staircase proves safe, one must ensure enough head height in the converted loft.
• Utilities: When fixing electrical wiring, plumbing and heating facilities in a converted loft, monitor their location. Based on this, you may have to modify or upgrade your interior.
Fire safety: Prevent mishaps from a fire breakout by installing smoke detectors, fire-resistant partitions and fire doors opening into the stairway, hallway or connected landings.
Soundproofing: Cut down noise, both internal and external. While the former demands mineral-based insulation on flooring structures, the latter calls for acoustic plasterboards and glazing products.
Insulation and ventilation: Have you thought about the comfort levels? It demands upgrading the insulation level.

Your Chingford house may or may not be suitable for a prompt loft conversion. Confirm its eligibility by consulting the structural engineers and architects of Richway. We will make onsite visits to examine your property features and advise you on the right style.

Types of House Extensions Delivered by Richway

A new kitchen, a utility room, a dining area, or, let us say more space to match your lifestyle in mind? Go for a house extension in Chingford and transform your semi-detached or detached property into a more usable space with a substantial area. Enjoy the freedom to create the layout from scratch with Richway and benefit from its increased functionality.
Rear Extension: As the term denotes, it extends the house at the back into the garden. Design it to transform your outdoor area or add more space to your home with this type of construction. With the right placement of doors and windows, you can enjoy the airy and open feel.
L-shaped Extension: Alternatively called a wrap-around extension, L-shaped builds are a combination of rear and side extensions. They wrap around the property, hence the name. Richway has built them in period and detached properties as they are ideal for increasing square footage.
Side Extension: Make the most of side alleys in your Victorian and Georgian-style properties with side extensions. Richways brings you this opportunity to widen your claustrophobic kitchen to a roomy kitchen diner. Of course, you can utilise this added 3 metres on average for serving other purposes.

The sky is the limit when we are involved. Discuss your specifications, if any, and allow us to erect a practical extension to add more space, light, and value to your property. Lack ideas? Get amazing suggestions for where the freshly constructed wing will blend seamlessly into the existing house. We turn up with ultra-modern designs and traditional structures, whichever turns your humble abode into a comfortable, light-filled, and stylish property.

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Loft Conversion and House Extension Services of Richway in Chingford

Richway is your ultimate destination for seeking loft and house extension solutions. Backed by architects and their 30 years of overall industry experience, we deliver incredible family experiences. From supplying them with unusual and original ideas to understanding the needs of families, we provide a comprehensive list of services to save you from the idea of moving. Get that much-needed extra space by converting your loft and extending your abode stress-free with us by your side.
Here, you can look forward to getting end-to-end-built solutions, including the following:

Initial Consultation: We begin with a free, personalised, and accurate quotation after listening to your needs and specifications. You will hear from us only about the possible concepts for your home.
Architectural Drawings: We convert your ideas into architectural drawings for better visualisation of the project, be it a loft conversion or house extension. Let us know if you have drawn anything for us to look at. Since it’s your project, we understand you would like to be involved in it.
Design and Planning Permission: Fret not about facing legal turmoil. Our building plans are legally sound. We connect with local authorities to learn about building regulations and controls and seek planning permissions when necessary. Expect no hidden charges or nasty surprises by trusting us with the job.
Structuring and Installing Utilities: From staircase installation, weatherproofing, fixing beams, reinforcing floors, and strengthening the overall foundation to making alterations to the walls to accommodate doors and windows, we perform everything. We even take care of electrical wiring, ventilation, insulation, and other necessary stuff.
Supplying Building Materials: We aim to ensure the construction work we render is safe and lasts a long time. We source only the highest quality materials in timber, tiles, and concrete to do justice to your project. In the process, we support local suppliers.
Providing Interior Solutions: Many of you may skip this step, but we provide it well-deserved importance. This stage is all about painting, carpentry work, and other bespoke interior design services to make the new-found spaces more homely.
Offering Advisory Services: You may be out of ideas on ways to add value to your property through loft conversions and house extensions. It is also possible to be clueless about how far we can assist you with your project. Seek our help and advice for your property development.

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Let’s Discuss Your Project!

Chingford is where professionals preferring a peaceful living environment with decent connectivity would love to stay. Relocating to other locations is never a good idea. The only way you can afford to expand your living space is through loft conversions and house extensions. Here is why seeking professional help from our team of architects and structural engineers is a sound decision:

Free consultation: We charge not even a penny to share our preliminary knowledge with you so you can decide. Feel free to inquire if you are confused about the loft conversion best suited for your property. Get all your doubts cleared by our experts by booking a consultation.
Detailed quotation: The drawings we share have everything in them. By looking at the blueprint, you can guess the cost. We maintain that level of transparency because we do not want you to be taken aback by nasty surprises.
Dedicated project manager: From day 1, we will assign a project manager who will be your point of contact for loft conversions or house extensions. Benefit from clear communication, expertise and experience of that architect with this worthwhile investment.
Focused on safety: Enjoy the invaluable peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loft conversion and house extension project in Chingford is in the hands of a trusted builder. When modifying the structure of your abode, in no way will integrity face a blow. With us by your side, the risks of injuries and accidents are negligible. The FMB mark on our business speaks volumes about our build quality.
Accessible 24/7: Our customer support agents are available round the clock to support you in times of need and deal with emergencies.
10-year guarantee: We are a team of NICEIC-approved contractors offering a 10-year documented guarantee on the structural work performed.
Verify our promise by looking through our projects. We invite you to view them and proceed only if you are convinced. Witness the difference by involving our experienced architects and structural engineers for your loft conversion and house extension projects in Chingford.

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See what our customers are saying
  • The Chowdhury’s, Chingford

    “Working with Richway, and in particular Tom was a pleasure. I was told that refurbishing ones house is even more stressful than the buying process, people were not wrong!  However, all of the problems and stress were alleviated  by Tom and his wonderful team. Honest, transparent and delivered work to an extremely high standard.  We are overjoyed with our extension and loft conversion and would like to thank Tom and his team for the sterling job they did  Highly recommended.” 

  • Tom & Katy Evans, Chingford

    "Anyone committing to major building works on their property should be aware that it will never run as smoothly as you hope it will, that is inevitable. What is in your control is who you choose to do it with, and I can't tell you how happy I am that we found Richway. Tom is a 'yes man', he never seemed phased by problems out of our control and I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say he went above and beyond for us. We will be forever grateful."

  • Mr & Mrs Griffiths, Epping

    “We are so pleased with our extension. Tom and the team went above and beyond to understand my vision and make it a reality. Everyone in the team showed a great attention to detail to get things perfect - nothing was too much trouble. We couldn’t be happier.”


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Richway is a dynamic property development company with over 30 years experience. Our aim is to deliver the most efficient service in our field from start to finish. We work with our clients to perform perfectionist work with ultimate detail, whilst the main emphasis is to deliver what you intend to happen.

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